3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Fit Ladies Shearling Coat

December 9, 2016

While a shearling coat can be rather expensive, consider this: you likely buy a new coat every year or few years, but a fur coat can last decades. With proper care, a shearling coat can be passed down from generation to generation with little or no degradation in quality. So while it may have a higher price tag initially, fur coats are an investment that will retain value for many years.

As with any investment, it is critical that you educate yourself to make the best buy possible. An important component is ensuring the fit of the shearling coat. If your coat does not wrap your body in luxurious comfort, then you will not want to wear it year after year. Here are three tips for choosing the perfect fit ladies coat.

1. Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you even set foot in a furrier’s shop, you should consider how your shearling coat will fit into your current lifestyle. Where will you wear this coat most often? If you plan to wear it daily to your office job, you may want a classic tailored shearling. If your day-to-day involves running errands and carting your kids to lacrosse practice and piano lessons, perhaps a sporty parka is the best choice for you.

Wherever you will wear the coat most often, you should consider the type of environmental elements the coat might be exposed to. Your furrier will be able to help you find the right type of coat to suit your normal lifestyle environment.

2. Consider Your Current Wardrobe

One of the most important factors of investing in a shearling coat is making sure it will mesh with your current wardrobe. Your coat will be layered over all of your existing clothes, so to prevent style clashes, you definitely want to consider how it will complement your wardrobe. Find a coat that suits your wardrobe’s style. If your look leans towards the more elegant and refined, a motorcycle jacket may not suit your style. Lean instead towards a classic trench.

3. Consider Your Body Type

Size and fit are of utmost important when choosing the best shearling. Luckily, most coats can be tailored to an extent, but you need to make sure the coat has good structure that fits your body well for any tailor’s efforts to be effective.

There are many shearling coat features that can help you create the perfect look for your figure. For instance, a coat that hits just above the knee can elongate your silhouette. Adding a belt to your coat will cinch the waist and help create that feminine hourglass figure. If you have an ample chest, you can achieve a more balanced look with a single-breasted coat, or show off your assets with a V-neck coat.

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