Get Perfect Fit Jeans With Levis Curve Fit for Christmas

December 14, 2016

One of the worst problems with jeans for ladies is that they do not always fit right. When you find a pair that fits the hips, the waist may have a gap in it. When the waist fits, there may be excess skin that pops over the top that is more commonly called the “muffin top” look. Levis has come up with a new sizing system for women to help them choose the right jean that really fits their body type that is called Curve ID and is intended to offer sizing based on shape rather a generic size pattern.

By visiting the website, women can look at other ladies who share a body type with them. If you are purchasing as a gift for Christmas, you choose the body type that best suits the lady you are purchasing for from the pictures supplied. All body types are covered from petites to those who have some extra weight on them. Once you find the body type that you are buying for, simply click on the body type to be transported to another page that offers the different style in this range.

There are three basic curve types to choose from, the Slight Curve for those ladies who do have a flat behind and who do not have large hips. Demi Curve for the women who are a bit curvier with a larger behind and hips but who are not extremely curvy and who do not have the straight fit either. Finally, Bold Curve which is for those who have large hips and a large behind and who need more room in these areas.

For those who are not sure which style is right for their lady, there is an easy quiz that can be taken to find the perfect fitting jeans. Simply answer all the questions that are posed and it automatically figures out the right jean type for your hard to fit lady. While the jeans are a bit more expensive, running at sixty five dollars a pair, there is free shipping available when ordering directly from the Levis website.

Any woman loves a great fitting pair of jeans. Make her Christmas special by getting her a pair of great fitting Levis Curve ID jeans and make her happy throughout the year. Every time she puts them on, she will be thinking of you.

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