Three Simple Steps to Achieving Your Properly Fitted Ladies Bra

December 10, 2016

In recent articles we were able to establish whether to go or not to go for bra measurement. It was simple; any woman including young girls who realise their bust has developed beyond wearing a camisole or cropped top needs more support.

This is mostly due to the back of the bra being too loose or cup size being too small. Most women would love to wear properly fitted bras, but not aware of what to look for or not familiar with the benefits. Achieving this is not as difficult as it often appears to be. Hence, we have suggested three simple steps to make it as easy as possible for one to achieve.

Step 1 Start by wearing your most fitting bra if possible, without a top on. Measure your back size in centimetres for accuracy, by placing a tape measure all around your body just beneath your bust. Starting from the gap in between your bust and finishing there. Make sure the tape measure is parallel and lies firmly flat against you.

Below is a measurement guide for your back size in a bra should be:

60cm-64cm 28 back 75cm-79cm 34 back

65cm-69cm 30 back 80cm-84cm 36 back

70cm-74cm 32 back 85cm-89cm 38 back

If your measurement is above 89cm, simply add on a back size of an additional 4cms following the pattern above and if your measurement falls outside any of the above, take the lower back size.

In following above, after fastening your bra on the loosest or middle hook (this will enable you to tighten the back which will stretch after several washes and wear), the band should be firm and parallel around your body. If your band is too loose, go down a band size. If too tight, go up a size.

Step 2 Place your busts into the cups of the bra which should fill out the cups completely. Where your busts may be of different cup sizes which is perfectly normal, use the bigger bust for measurement (the cup with the smaller bust may be filled out with a bra padding if desired).

If the wires of your bra dig into your busts, your busts overlap the cups or the cups are wrinkled only at the tip, you probably need to go up a cup size. This will also apply where the front of your bra where the gap in between the cups of your bra sits away from you. Also, if your bra cups are wrinkled in most parts due to the cups being too big, you would need to go down a cup size.

Step 3 involves stepping back and considering the final outcome below:

Start off by lifting up your arms to ensure the wires and cradle which is the band that runs under the bra cups does not lift away but sits firmly on you. Then check the straps of your bra do not dig into your shoulders. You may adjust this by loosening the straps. Hence, if you tightened the straps mainly to support your busts, your back size is probably too big and you need to go down a size.

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